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Laterally flexing the spine

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Have a subject sit astride in a chair with no arms, and laterally flex the spine as far as possible, first to one side then the other.
Report the shape of the spine as seen from the rear and compare the 3 regions of the spine with regard to degree of lateral flexion.
Report the variations in spinal mobility at the different regions of the spine.

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The solution discusses laternal flexing of the spine. Variations in spinal mobility at the different regions of the spine are analyzed.

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I have summarised the muscles involved in lateral flexion and their asociated movements as seen in the spine from the rear.

CERVICAL MUSCLES - causes S-shape in spine whilst rest of spine is straight.
Sternocleidomastoid - Extends & rotates head, flexes vertebral column C2, C3.
Scalenus - Flexes & rotates neck Lower ...

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