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Innovation and Change - Building Teams

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While developing innovative teams, what are the requirements of leadership, individuals, technical communication, and the effects on diversity and market changes?

In what ways is organizational cross functionality essential to innovation and creativity within an organization? Provide suitable examples to support your answer.

In what ways does leadership affect cross-functionality? Provide suitable examples to support your answer.

In what ways are inter-organizational networks essential to innovation and creativity within a multinational organization? Provide suitable examples to support your answer.

In what ways do intra-organizational networks influence ethical, innovative, and creative processes within diverse organizations? Provide suitable examples to support your answer.

What are the three ways in which leaders can know that resistance to change is occurring within an organization?

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Innovation and change for building teams are examined. Why leadership affects cross-functionality is determined.

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Development of innovative teams requires a wide range of efforts from its leaders. Leaders themselves need to be much more innovative for developing innovative teams. Passion for innovation is a very important criteria for a leader. It would help to provide effectiveness to innovative ideas within the team. At the same time, a long-term perspective is also required from an innovative leader. Courage to fail and learning from failure is also one of the important qualities of leadership that help to develop innovative teams (Harris, 2003). Leadership also requires having deep engagement with the innovator for successful development of innovative teams. In relation to the individual, one should have self-esteem and self-actualization for developing an innovative team. It would determine the effectiveness of innovative teams with innovative ideas.

As far as technical communication is concerned, there would be need for highly advanced technology to support these innovative ideas. Apart from this, it has severe impact over diversity and market changes. Through developing innovative teams, a more diversified group of workforce could be created (Hirst & West, 2004). It would enhance the diversified culture of the organization. With the impact of an innovative team, the competition in the market would increase a lot as each organization would come up with innovative ideas in the market.
Organizational Cross Functionality

A cross-functional team means a group of employees from various functional areas of an organization such as marketing, research, finance, operation, etc. Cross-functionality is essential in innovation and creativity within an organization (Huth, 2008). A cross-functional organization needs to incorporate a wide range of skills, knowledge, ability and perceptions of people in the team. Diverse culture, knowledge and skills of employees play an important role in the innovation and creativity within an organization. Diverse knowledge and skills of employees can come with innovative ideas that are beneficial for innovative and creative organizations. The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, has the best manufacturing people, who contributed to the organization to produce innovative and high-quality goods. He developed teams in the organization through including employees from various functional areas (General Electric Company, 2012). He was concerned for middle managers, team members and coaches to make decisions that helped them ...

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