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    Effective Collaboration Identified

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    1. Identifying Ways to Assess Effective Collaboration
    Identify an example of collaboration from your own experience. Given the concepts presented, discuss ways you could assess whether the collaborative project was effective or not.

    2. Communicating Negative Performance Reviews
    Leaders are often in the position of measuring—and communicating about—employees' work. Using ideas from the readings and your own experience, identify two ways to communicate negative performance reviews to one or more collaborative partners.

    100 words each

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    Identify Ways to Assess Effective Collaboration:

    As a leader in an innovative environment, the most effective way to envoke creativity is to understand what influences it. To generate innovative ideas, leaders must engage their team in meaningful conversations of interest (Hesselbein, 2001). Find out what people like by working alongside them in groups or individually, and find out what topics generate the most positive and negative energy (Hesselbein, 2001). Rather than making recommendations for what should be meaningful to the group, leaders should experiment by putting ideas and issues on the table to discover what is meaningful to the group.

    As individuals, it is important to understand people have innate abilities to adapt to change even if it seems impossible. Hesselbein (2001) states out of fifty million different species that evolves and changes, the human species seems to be the only one resisting change. The urge to resist change is not because humans cannot change, but because humans do not want to change. Once the paradigm between understanding humans as living systems and the ability to adapt to change, innovation and change can now take place with ease. Now that leadership and individuals understand their roles, how can communication be effective?

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    Team building is an essential process for developing leading innovation and change. The dynamics of a team and its effects can either hinder or help the functionality of the innovation process. To create the most efficient team means managers have to understand how innovative teams function. Managers should understand the requirements of leadership, individuals, technical communication, and the effects on diversity and market changes.