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    Importance of Decision Making in Information Systems Development

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    Why should all information system development projects focus on some aspect of decision making in practice?

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    Information system development projects should focus on some aspect of decision-making in practice because managers can make better decisions when armed with information, which can be provided by decision support systems (DSS). The systems development life cycle (SDLC) associated with system development projects conceptually needs to focus on some aspect of decision-making in practice because each stage involved in an information system development project from initial feasibility through the maintenance of the completed application can benefit from decision-making in practice. Information system development projects are a major undertaking from a business perspective and can benefit from effective strategic decisions because these projects affect the direction of the business. Therefore, aspects of decision-making in practice should be used in these projects because they affect the solvency ...

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    The solution explains in over 500 words how and why it's important to have good decision-making models in your information systems development project.