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    Systems Decision Making

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    Handing over decision making abilities to systems has its advantages and disadvantages. How may systems decision making benefit a company? What can go wrong? Outsourcing?

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    Systems decision making has many advantages businesses can benefit from. The main advantage is the ability to compile and compute large amounts of data in a short period of time, relative to a professional analyst compiling the same data, printing it, and making decisions on the output available. When decisions are based on financial information, statistical performance data, and other number-related types of data, the business can save time and money on human decision making processes. Decisions requiring multiple attributes from a database may take quite a bit of time to review and interpret (Bernroider & Mitlohner, 2005). Another advantage, is that managers and decision makers are free to use their time on other important tasks. Systems decision making takes away the human component of undue influence, either due to pressures from a specific department or a group of people associated with the organization, who may benefit from a decision ...

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    The discussion focuses on benefits and challenges of reliance on systems decision making. It also discusses challenges in outsourcing when systems decision making is in place.