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Designing an Information System

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Why is analyzing managerial decision making important when designing an Information System for an organization?

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Why is analyzing managerial decision making important when designing an Information System for an organization?
For a number of reasons, the manner by which managers make their decisions should be considered in designing an information system. One of these reasons is that decision making depends most on accurate information which is available at the right time. Managers run the corporation and from time to time, they make decisions in every step of the organizational activities. Therefore, information must be available at the time that they are needed. Management Information Systems (MIS) have been designed and developed for the purpose of serving the needs of managers. Through these systems, the smooth flow of appropriate data to the appropriate people is ensured so that the internal and the external decision makers can make the best decisions ...

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The importance of analyzing managerial decision making in designing an information system. References are included.

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