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Information Network

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Think about a time where you had to design a network. If you have not had this in your own work experience, create a fictional scenario. In 3-4 paragraphs, complete the following:

- Describe your network design in detail and any issues you encountered.
- Before designing a network, why is it important to gather information about the current network and understand business constraints?
- What information did you gather and why? Please provide examples.

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Information networks aim to provide a distributing system of information in which a group of computers (or business units) are connected to a network to share a common set of configuration files. As noted by Zikmund ( 2003), networking involves linking two or more computers to share data and software.

Network design and related issues encountered

This reporter would describe an information network in a university in which she is familiar with. This network facilitates two important functions of the university - enrolment and faculty encoding of grades. The different units of the university are connected through a network in which information is shared to facilitate the performance of functions. Student enrollment in a particular program is facilitated among the concerned units - dean's office, registrar's, finance, and other administrative units. During enrolment, the ...

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The following posting discusses network design and business constraints.

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