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    Proposal for a Wireless Network: System Requirements, Costs, ROI, Security

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    Develop a proposal for a wireless network that includes, System Requirements, Costs, Anticipated ROI (Return on Investment) - You do not have to calculate an actual ROI, just explain how the project you have selected will save the company money in the long run.

    Security Issues - How does the product deal with issues such the authentication and the security of information within the organization?

    Information Management - For example, does the product make the organization more efficient? Does it increase productivity?

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    Computers and other devices can be connected to each other and to the internet thus allows information sharing. Devices can either be connected using wired connection or can be wireless. Interconnection between computers allows many individuals to share access to the internet, share files, printers and other devices (Rash, 2007). A wireless connection has an access point that connects different devices to the internet.

    A wireless network utilizes radio waves to allow different devices to communicate. There are two technologies that can be used to create a wireless network that includes Wi-Fi and fixed wireless data (Rash, 2007). The major reason for setting up a wireless network is to allow for mobility and to reduce wire connection.

    System requirements

    There are different categories of wireless networks and each requires various types of wireless protocols. Setting up a wireless connection requires different components which have different functions in creating wireless network. The most significant requirement in setting up a wireless system is access to internet. A wireless network requires high speed internet connection and the internet connection can either be cable or DSL (Rash, 2007). Internet is connected to an access point in order to create a wireless connection.

    Another requirement in setting up a wireless connection is a wireless router that converts signal received from the internet into wireless broadcast. There are various types of wireless routers with the most common being Linksys, D-link and Cisco wireless routers ...

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