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    Implementation and management plan for a wireless network

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    Develop an implementation/management plan for a wireless network including defining the organizational problem(s) like organization goals or communication issues that the wireless network will address, departments/key players who will be part of implementation and management of the new technology.

    What input will be required from these sources, purchasing technology, training of key users (who, how, and when), implementation (how and when), training for all users. (how and when), schedule and plan for maintaining system maintenance / upgrades / patches / etc, schedule and plan for conducting periodic audits of the new technology.

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    Implementation/Management Plan for a Wireless Network


    In current business scenario, broadband wireless network is becoming more ordinary for users. Lots of customer takes advantage through wireless network so, it becomes important for organizations that are providing such services that they effectively meet with the increased traffic and demands of customers (Network Management 2011). This paper discusses about the implementation/management plan for a wireless network in terms of organizational goals, human resources that will help in management and implementation of plan, training schedules, plan for maintaining system maintenance and plan for conducting periodic audits of new technology.

    Wireless Network Implementation/Management Plan

    Due to the increase in users of wireless network connections, it becomes important for organizations to create effective network management system. Implementation/management plan for wireless network is as below:

    Organizational Goals:

    Following will be the organizational goals related to implementation and management of wireless network plan:
    - To implement wireless network system effectively in the organization.
    - To reduce the problem of different users related with communication up to 40%, by developing effective wireless network system.
    - To make day-to-day management work easier.
    - To enhance future growth of network up to 45%.

    Key Players:

    Different key players will be required to effectively implement and manage the wireless network system. It is also important that there will different group for planning about wireless network and implementation of wireless network because it is complicated task to plan and implement wireless network. Some Important key players are:


    Effective management and implementation of wireless network will require a network administrator that will help in creating a robust and authentic wireless network (Coleman and Westcott 2009). Role of administrator will be important for making effective security system to control on security breach issues.


    Managers will also require to effectively managing the wireless network system. Managers will help in ...

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