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    Impacts on the Implementation of Wireless Networks

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    Describe two trends (hardware, software, telecommunications, legislative or industry trends) that will have either a positive or negative impact on the implementation of a wireless network. Explain why.

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    Wireless network is a way in which computer and telecommunication networks are interlinked without the use cables. It mostly uses radio waves. Wireless networking has been evolving over the past decades, changing with certain needs in various industries. This paper describes two trends that have that will have either a positive or negative impact on the implementation of a wireless network focusing on hardware and legislative trends.

    Impact of Hardware trends on implementation of wireless networking

    Newer hardware developments in wireless technology have spurred growth in this particular area. People globally are increasing using wireless connectivity in their cell phones, and this is projected to continue growing. Currently the American cell phone usage has exceeded landline usage with approximately 200 million U.S cell phone lines being in operation (Robb, 2011). Communications and computer devices are increasing changing from wired to wireless. This is mainly due to the emergence of low cost silicon solutions applied to wireless applications, the developing trends in mobile social and convenience factor of using these ...

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    The following problem discusses trends that will either positive or negative impacts on the implementation of a wireless network.