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    Discussing Databases and the Advantages of Wireless Networks for Businesses

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    Hi, I need some assistance answering the following questions:

    1. Why do some businesses have separate databases and a data warehouse? Why wouldn't most businesses have just one large database for all their data, both current and historical?

    2. What are the advantages of mobile wireless network over a wired network? How would a mobile wireless network impact a specific company you work for or another company

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    1. Application databases are OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing) systems where every transaction has to be recorded and that too at a fast speed. The system is write optimized which means that a normal read operation would take a lot of time to get executed.

    A data warehouse is a database that is designed for facilitating querying and analysis of data. A DW is designed as an OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) system which contains read only data that can be queried and analyzed far more efficiently than a normal database. A separate DW ensures that the business intelligence solution is scalable, better documented and managed. The ...

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    The advantages of wireless networks for businesses are examined. The impact on a specific company network on another company is determined.