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A Proposal to Implement a Wireless Network Connection

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Delicious Designs is a retail clothing store with over 3,500 locations and 100,000 employees throughout the world. In addition to their brick and mortar locations, the company has over five million dollars in sales from their recently launched website.

Delicious Designs is focused on providing the latest trends in fashion to men, women, teens, and children. They have two brands that cater to different customers. The first brand focuses on money conscious consumers who want quality clothing at an affordable price. The second, higher-end brand, is for customers who desire the highest quality clothing and the latest fashion trends.

Delicious Designs' Slogan: "Great shoes, great shirts, great service."
Delicious Designs' Mission: Provide quality fashions to individuals throughout the world, great customer service for all patrons at all locations and online, increase shareholder value, foster a positive environment that promotes teamwork and co-operation between employees.

At the most recent strategic planning meeting the executives of the organization outlined the following goals:
1) Increase revenues by at least 10% annually over the next five years
2)Open 200 additional stores throughout the world over the next three years
3) Expand operations in three new countries in South America this year
4) Improve communication and operations between the central corporate location in Chicago and the other satellite offices and stores throughout the world.

Corporate IT Strategy:
Leverage IT in an effort to improve communications between the corporate headquarters and satellite offices/distribution centers, shorter just-in-time inventories for widgets to distribution centers and from distribution centers to customers, and easier access to corporate records and customer accounts for employees in distribution centers and salespeople while traveling.

This organization is currently debating among three information technology projects to implement. Although three projects have been identified as important for the organization, they can only afford to implement one of the options. You need to select, research, and plan implementation of the best option. Throughout each unit of this course you will be completing the steps in this process.

Chosen Project:
Implementation of a Wireless Network to connect offices, stores and sales people in the field. Wireless Networks provide organizations with the ability to have communications and share information from internal and external locations and makes tracking inventories faster by having access within one's warehouse. However, Wireless Networks need to have access locations / hubs that are either installed or leased for access and systems, such as laptops or PDAs, to access information remotely.

Other Projects:
Implementation of a Collaboration System to improve communication among internal employees located throughout the world. Collaboration Systems assist organizations by providing readily accessible web-based or local area network-based communications between corporate and satellite locations, and for those at remote locations within the field (e.g., salespeople on the road), provides functionality for both synchronous and asynchronous communications, makes sharing of information and working in teams convenient, and provides an archive for all collaborations. However, Collaboration Systems require the implementation of a new software system and the necessary training for all employees.

Implementation of a CRM (Customer Resource Management) System to improve service to customers by tracking customer purchases at both the brick and mortar stores and online. Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems provide seamless access to customer's information, ability to leverage this information quickly for trends and analyses while working with customers, and well organized information that is retrievable from multiple access points. However, CRM systems often require an organizational wide implementation, which may replace already proven systems, would require substantial installation time for mapping existing data, and significant training time for all employees.

Develop a proposal for the "Implementation of a Wireless Network" to connect offices, stores and sales people in the field and discuss what the benefits of implementing this project will be for the organization. Compare this with the other options listed in the attachment and address how this technology fits the mission of the organization and how it will help Delicious Designs to achieve the goals that were set in the strategic planning meeting.

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Wireless networks are essential in an organization because they promote better performance by generating high productivity rates, mobility in operations and improved worker collaboration. The cost of wiring the offices may be more compared to setting up wireless access points. Another advantage of setting up a wireless network is that it allows the organization to be flexible in organization and systems (Varshney & Vetter, 2000).

Statement of Problem:

Delicious Designs is a retail clothing store that aims to improve communication and operations between its central offices and other divisions through out the organization. The firm aims to improve corporate information access and customer records and also improve operations by implementing new information technology systems. The company has identified three information technology projects that are desirable but it has resources to support the implementation of a single project. Implementation of a wireless network to connect offices, store, and sales people has been identified as the appropriate project that will help the organization attain its mission.


The first step in implementing a wireless network once feasibility is determined is to plan for the purchase of equipment and also to identify the best configuration since it depends on ...

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In about 750 words, this solution discusses the retail company Delicious Designs and why the use of a wireless network to increase connectivity would be beneficial. An outline of a potential proposal is given and three references are also provided.

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You are an independent consultant who specializes in Information Technology security issues. You have been retained by the Designer Distributions Company, a mid-sized and growing consumer goods distribution company, for an assignment to assess the state of their computing environment security situation. The company's newly hired VP of IT is conducting this project because she does not have a security specialist on her staff and has learned that the company does not have a comprehensive security strategy. In fact, she suspects lack of even basic security knowledge in both the IT staff and the user community.

The company has a headquarters office building, which includes the principal data center, and a separate warehouse linked to the office by an private data network. The warehouse has a small computing facility of its own for order shipment data entry and tracking. This computer is linked to the headquarters order entry systems through the network. Additionally, there are Internet-based data links to several key suppliers used to share reorder, production and shipping schedules and status information. When potential new suppliers compete for contracts with Designer Distributions, their proposals are received and negotiated via Email.

You have been interviewing executives and staff at the company and at key suppliers and are beginning to evaluate what you have learned in preparation for preparing your report to the VP of IT.

Deliverable Length: 8-10 slides
Details: One of the recommendations you are making to Designer Distributions corporation is to create a full-time position of security administrator. Until now, the job has been done on a part-time basis in the systems administration department, which was a viable approach when the company did not have inter-facility and Internet networking connections. Now you believe that security planning, implementation, and administration tasks required to support the growing network justify a stand-alone position. In support of this recommendation, you are preparing a presentation describing these tasks, their purpose, and their criticality.

Write a 8-10 slide presentation outlining the security concerns and resulting administrative functions required for a network that contains the following elements

Access to business applications such as Designer Distributions' order processing/shipment scheduling system from a remote company location (e.g. the warehouse)

A corporate email system used internally by employees and externally to the Internet for correspondence and supplier bid proposals
A company website on the Internet as well as employee access to the Internet
File transfer capabilities allowing sales staff access to and transmission of data files containing supplier and customer specific information (using remote dial-up phone connections)

A wireless network within the headquarters building that allows employees to move their laptop computers from desks to conference rooms while maintaining connectivity to the computer applications and email system

Your presentation should describe the implementation and ongoing maintenance of security system features that protect these networking elements from the risks that you identify.

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