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Tactical Plan

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Develop a tactical plan utilizing at least 5 of the PR tools listed below:

Direct Mail
Event Planning
Promotional items

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Please see response attached (also presented below), as well as a sample tactical plan. I hope this helps and take care.



1. Develop a tactical plan utilizing at least 5 of the PR tools listed below

Direct Mail
Event Planning
Promotional items


To develop a good strategic plan it is important for you to clearly distinguish between strategies and tactics. A strategy is a broad method of attaining or helping to achieve a goal.

For example, if one of your goals is to attain a 50% share of your local market, a marketing strategy would be an advertising campaign, and tactics would be to use network TV, direct mail, Internet/Intranet, event Planning and Promotional items. Another strategy would be to expand geographically, and tactics could include opening additional offices, and providing your services through alternative distribution channels such as lease departments in retail stores, direct mail and Internet.

Please see sample TACTICAL PLAN attached as well as one below (which is more detailed), for you to use as an exemplars for your final copy.



Information Technologies Strategic and Tactical Plan

University of Maryland
Baltimore November 2003

University of Maryland Baltimore
Information Technology Priorities

* Technology Security
* Electronic Communications
* Administrative Systems
* Service Delivery
* Directory Services: Identity Management, Sign-On, Portal
* Technology for e-Teaching and Learning
* Facilitate Off-Campus Access
* Internet2 Awareness, Education, and Use
* IT Policies
* Mobile, Wireless Computing
* Web Development, Environments
* Money


Technology Security

* Action Items:
o To heighten security awareness and education through on-going communications to the entire UMB community.
o To continue to make the campus firewall more active, through information provided by logging, monitoring and analyzing network traffic with contemporary detection software.
o To provide proactive notifications, through the use of e-mail and the UMB IT security web page, regarding the latest security updates and virus protection on servers and client machines. IT Security web:
+ URL: http://www.umaryland.edu/cits/security/index.html
o To implement and enforce the UMB IT security policy.
o To implement baseline, as well as extraordinary security technologies where necessary, for HIPAA and other regulatory compliance.

Goal: Address the vulnerabilities with appropriate technologies and create greater awareness of its complexities.

Electronic Communications

* Action Items:
o To maintain connections, where necessary, which support common functionality and electronic access to individuals across the disparate systems.
o To prepare the campus Exchange 2000 e-mail server for additional account hosting.
o To develop plans and execute a methodology for migrating school and administrative units to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000/2003.
o To update the current student e-mail system to a more contemporary solution.
o To continue filtering identifiable SPAM e-mail, and develop even more sophisticated techniques to further reduce the volume of SPAM.

Goal: Electronic communication services will be recognized for: providing seamless and intuitive connections to individuals throughout the campus, schools, hospital and UPI; contemporary functionality; and reliable, high-quality service and support.

Administrative Systems

* Action Items:
o To ...

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