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    What is the difference between the strategic and tactical and operation plans?

    What are the levels of management? Who is responsible for what?

    What do I mean when I use the words forces and dimensions of an environment? Explain.

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    To understand the larger picture of the business plan, it is important to understand the difference between strategic, tactical, and operation plans. Simply stated, strategic plans are the organization's what and why plans. Tactical plans are how-to-succeed at strategic plans. Operation plans describe physical requirements for business operations, such as buildings, equipment, location, inventory requirements, and manufacturing processes.

    Strategic plans outline company goals, explain why these goals exist, and determine values. Tactical plans are defined actions needed to accomplish strategic plans. For example, in strategic planning, there might be a ...

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    This solution addresses the differences between the strategic, tactical, and operation plans; explains the levels of management; and explains the concepts of the 'forces and dimensions' of an environment.