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    Entrepreneurial ventures successful while others fail

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    Why are some entrepreneurial ventures successful almost immediately while others fail to even reach break even status?

    What considerations should small business entrepreneurs keep in mind when they are deciding whether a company should follow a growth or a stability strategy?

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    Entrepreneurial Ventures

    Success of an entrepreneurial venture particularly depends upon the management of its executives along with the adoption of an appropriate strategy. It is only a right strategy that leads a venture from its formulation to implementation and success. The entrepreneurial ventures that adopt a right strategy along with timely monitoring of their strategy achieve an immense success whereas the companies that adopt a wrong strategy goes ahead in wrong direction and finally experiences failure (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005). Adoption of an appropriate strategy in relation to the expectation of customers, company objectives and resources and ...

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    The solution examines why some entrepreneurial ventures are successful while other fail. The considerations of a small business entrepreneurs are determined.