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Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Employees

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How do you foster the entrepreneurial spirit in employees? How can your organization benefit from this? How will your business fail if you don't?

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This solution is a written speech on how to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in employees.

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Speech on Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Employees


Hello, my name is ... and I have... (List the credentials that make you an expert to speak on this subject here).
Today we are going to talk about how your organization can benefit when you foster the entrepreneurial spirit in your employees, or if you will, how your business is sure to fail if you don't!


Too many businesses today are bogged down by the systems and procedures they need to help them cope with their complexity and size. The problem is, there could not be a worse time for this to happen. The economic storms the world is facing right now are forcing every business to be ready to face up to the challenge of nimble small competitors. All businesses must realize that it is harder to stay at the top than it is to get to the top. No business can afford to stay the same. Change is the only certainty about the future of business and the organization of the future will be one that thrives on, stimulates, and embraces change. This is a time when none of us who are in business can afford to be complacent. Yet complacency still reigns over the business world and the results have been costly. Two-thirds of the Fortune Global 50 companies have fallen off the list in the last 25 years.

The question then is how can we as business leaders avoid complacency and successfully embrace change? I propose to you that your single most effective weapon against complacency and failure is fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in your employees.

While that is the short answer, we can't fully answer that question without understanding what entrepreneurship is and what it can do for our businesses. We usually think of entrepreneurship as the creation of new ...

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