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    Education Vs. Training, E-Learning, Innovation Leadership

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    Employee training is a method by which organizations provide their employees with the knowledge they need to complete their work. Organization development is a method by which organizations manage change. Discuss the following:

    What is the difference between training and education?
    What are the advantages of e-learning and online training programs?
    What is innovation leadership, and how does it help organizations to develop?

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    Education is obtained to enhance one's knowledge and intellect via theory, whereas training is required to acquire new skill via practice.
    One of the main difference between training and education is that training requires coaching and mentoring by an expert or professional, which is not necessary in the case of education. While undergoing training, an individual acquires new skill or knowledge by doing activities under the able guidance of an expert. Training requires feedback, knowledge ...

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    This solution of 263 words discusses differences between education and training. It also touches on the benefits of e-learning and innovation leadership. The references used are included.