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What it Means to be a Leader of Innovation

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- Evaluate behaviors that encourage and support innovation.
Share your initial understanding of innovation and what it means to be a leader of innovation. Do you currently see yourself as an innovator? Why or why not? What do you hope to learn about being a leader of innovation in organizations?

Length: 2 paragraphs, 2 references.

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It is my belief that innovation is most often generated by intense and somewhat eclectic visionaries who take every opportunity to differ from normal business practices. An innovator is compelled to take risks, which far exceed the capacity of most competitors. "Corporate innovation must be understood by each individual and there must be a realization that it does not produce instant success. It requires considerable training, time, and investment, and there must be continual reinforcement" (Kuratko, Goldsby, and Hornsby, 2012). Visionaries will travel great lengths to reach supreme leadership in the competitive landscape. When I think about the phrase "leader of innovation," Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerburg immediately come to ...

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The expert determines what is meant to be a leader of innovations. The behaviors that encourage and support innovations are evaluated.