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Role of Innovation and Creativity in Leadership

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Discuss the role of innovation and creativity as a responsibility of tomorrow's organizational leadership.

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It is important for an organizational leader to be innovative and creative during his or her leadership role. To be innovative is to be focused and allow the creative thinker within to surface to the top --- brainstorming new ideas to benefit the organization.

In an Online article (2005, June 10), "What does it take to become an innovative leader?"

There are factors that determine the success of an innovative leader such as:

1. Strategy - most of the outstanding performers that we've seen have "hard-wired" technology in their strategy planning.
2. Organization - innovative leaders create roles that allow people to demonstrate and apply initiative and flexibility, and at the same time provide the time and resources to do that.
3. Behavioral mindset - leaders who encourage innovation are ...

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Innovation and creativity leadership involves combining different leadership styles to motivate individuals to creative ideas and solutions to better the organization. The goal of a leader is to look for competitive advantage in the organization structure, strategy, technology, and culture.