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    Strategic Training Needs Assessment Wal-Mart

    Evaluate the training programs available at your selected organization (Wal-Mart). Your project should reflect the knowledge and skills you developed throughout this course and should address a minimum of six out of the nine areas and topics listed below:

    Strategic Training
    Needs Assessment

    Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Business and Industry Analysis / SWOT » 394153

    Personal Leadership

    1. Assuming you were to implement servant leadership in your organization or another organization in which you are involved, such as a community group or a church, identify the potential areas of impact on the organization. How would you measure this area of impact?

    2. The topic of impact of serv READ MORE »

    Business / Human Resources Management / Performance Management / Balanced Scorecard » 522798

    Winning Resume/Professionalism in the Workplace

    A winning resume makes it easy for potential employers to quickly and easily identify an applicant's skills and experience. If you were responsible for hiring someone for a particular position, what specifics would you be seeking in the display of a resume and how would you feel about the discovery READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 497108

    Resumes or CV

    1. The purpose for each type of resume, how they differ, and when you personally would use each type of resume or CV.
    2. Identify the primary type of resume and /or CV you expect to use in your job search and career progression.
    3. Explain how often a resume and /or CV should be updated (Support READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 470242
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