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    Innovation and Creativity in Organizational Leadership

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    This solution offers some suggestions about the role of innovation and creativity as a responsibility of tomorrow's organizational leadership. Apply this to your current or past employment. Support your assertions with current research.

    Harnessing and Optimal Utilization of Human Capital in Virtual Workplace Environments
    By Fredrick M. Nafukho and Carroll M. Graham and Helen Machuma A. Muyia

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    All in all, the role of innovation and creativity occupies a vital responsibility and role within tomorrow's organizational leadership. In reality, future leaders cannot be copycats or merely a business' talking head; instead, a leader must exhibit the innovative know-how, drive, personality, creative tactics, and philosophies to lead organizations with flair, relevance, competence, authenticity, and memorability. The article strongly emphasizes how virtual human resource development (VHRD), in particular, can allow leaders to succeed, as VRD includes "ideas, expertise, knowledge, and the organizations' learning capacity" (649), which imminent leaders definitely require.

    In my current employment, for example, technology is paramount for leaders when communicating, planning, ...

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