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    Leading Collaborative Settings

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    While working to solve complex problems and issues, it is important to work collaboratively with diverse groups of stakeholders to come to a collective, agreed upon course of action. Successful collaboration process can lead to innovative and positive outcomes. However, there are many challenges that can arise during the collaboration progress when conflicts arise. Being able to effectively address conflicts that arise, lead the team to compromise, and facilitate a collaborative session that is productive, only occurs when the leader possess strong communication skills.

    What strategies should leaders use to prepare for a collaborative work session?
    •What should the leader know about the group before engaging in collaborative settings?
    •Identify and analyze three strategies you feel are critical to for leaders to apply when facilitating collaborative sessions. How is communication involved in carrying out these strategies?

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    The strategies that leaders should use to prepare for collaborative work session begin with determining who will attend the session and the reason why they will be attending the session. The next strategy is to determine their personal objectives, and their hidden agendas. This can be determined by asking the participants. Further, the leader should find out the ongoing battles within the group. In addition, if the leader is able to incentivize teamwork, collaboration will be encouraged.

    The leader should know several things about the group before engaging in collaborative setting. He must know the background of the team members; he must identify the special skills of the team member. He must identify the role of each team member. He must also identify ...

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