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    Collaborative Team Creation

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    What are some critical components of collaborative team creation?

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    1. What are some critical components of collaborative team creation?

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein.

    Long ignored and overlooked, the wonders of collaborative creativity are just beginning to be understood and appreciated. In an important and revealing new book, Shared Minds: The New Technologies of Collaboration, syndicated columnist Michael
    Schrage examines both the nature of the collaborative process and methods of "fanning the collaborative flame." With frequent reference to legendary creative collaborative teams of the past (Orville and Wilbur Wright, Watson and Crick, Jobs and Wozniak, Lennon and McArtney), Schrage articulates truths that well deserve to be lifted to the forefront of our consciousness. This response is drawn from Schrage's work, with examples provided from the book to emphasize the critical components of collaborate team creation.

    1. Initially, it takes certain personal attributes (i.e., trained to be focused and tap into their creative minds) and a shared vision and passion in order to create a collaborate team. For example, in his book mentioned above, Schrage addresses one probing question: What personal attributes contribute to successful collaborative joint ventures?" How is it that the family team of Orville and Wilbur Wright worked so well together, when other sibling pairs find it a struggle to order pizza together? And what role did Orville and Wilbur's parents play in fostering their creativity and perseverance. (Apparently Orville and Wilbur's mother played a decisive role in showing her sons the methodology of creative invention.) Along the same lines of ...

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