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Accommodations and Modifications

I need assistance in explaining Accomodations and Modifiactions.

Based on the NICHCY article Supports, Modifications, and Accommodations for Students (http://nichcy.org/schoolage/accommodations), what is the difference between accommodations and modifications? In the student scenario below, write a detailed plan for individualized accommodations and modifications you would provide based on Robert's needs. Also, discuss the role of the collaborative, multi-disciplinary team in supporting Robert's needs.

Student Scenario: You are a co-teacher in a 9th grade science classroom and just received a new student, Robert, who is a student with ADHD and has learning disabilities in reading and writing. He currently reads at the 5th grade reading level and has difficulty with reading comprehension. Robert also experiences challenges in writing, particularly putting his ideas down on paper. He also has challenges with spelling and grammar. He is a bright student and seems interested in the class, but you are concerned that the fast pace of instruction in general education might be a challenge for him without some strong accommodations and modifications in place to ensure he has access to learning.

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Thank you for assigning this assignment to me for completion. I am confused and unclear on your exact request. In other words, the post contains 4 different responses. Each request within a post is worth 1 point. I will explain the suggested accommodations and modification for the student with ADHD.

Services: Least restrictive environment and placement for accommodations and modifications. The student will be provided, accessed for general education classes, special education classes, other school interventions to support academic weaknesses, activities including non-academic activities, extracurricular activities, and ...

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The expert explains the accommodations and modifications. The role of the collaborative, multidisciplinary teams in supporting Robert's needs are provided.