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    Virtual Leaders: Notes and References

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    What challenges might the leader of a virtual organization face in accounting for the effects of social culture and diversity when critiquing organizational behavior compared to a leader in a face-to-face organization?

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    Because of the nature of a virtual organization and its anonymity, cultural diversity might be challenging as it is a bit more obscure and difficult to assess in a straightforward manner, than when critiquing organizational behaviors compared to a leader in a face-to-face organization. Thus, I see the virtual setting as more complex since issues such as accountability, collaborative rapport, mutual trust, empathy, and time might hinder virtual leaders, as opposed to leaders in brick-and-mortar environments.

    The social culture would also differ because the close working relationships would not be fostered online as they tend to be in face-to-face ...

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    Challenges for the leader of a virtual organization are briefly brainstormed in 300 words of notes and references.