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    Please help me define the term e-business, and explain at least three practical lessons about effective e-leadership in a virtual organization.

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    E-business or electronic business is the process of conducting daily business functions over the internet, intranet, or other electronic networks. Electronics business allows easy and fast collaboration with distributors and suppliers, interaction and service of customers, and joint research and meeting with business partners. (BusinessDictionary.com) Through the use of the Internet, companies can unlock data in their computer systems so that information can be shared and they can conduct transactions with their partners, customers, suppliers, via the Internet. Current business processes are being transformed so that they become more efficient. A few of the e-business web-enabled business models are direct selling of products to consumers, auctioning of surplus goods, online purchasing with other companies and even with competitors. Leaders in e-business are required to think and plan much not only about new business strategies but they also have to learn much about technology and the Internet. Sometimes e-business is interchangeably used as e-commerce but e-commerce specifically serves only online transactions while e-business goes beyond online transactions and includes monitoring production schedules, serving customers by giving them the chance ...

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    E-Business defined and three lessons about effective e-leadership in a virtual organization. References are included.