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Marketing differ as related to e-business and e-commerce

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Hi. I need help answering some marketing questions.

How does international marketing differ as related to e-business and e-commerce?

What are some international marketing issues related e-business?

What are some of the international marketing issues related to e-commerce?

Is it necessary to retain traditional international marketing strategies while developing new strategies for e-business marketing? Why or why not?

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The expert examines international marketing as it differs related to e-business and e-commerce.

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International Marketing: E-Commerce and E: Business

Difference between the International Marketing of e-business and e-commerce
E-business and e-commerce are the two basic elements of the global market place to be adopted by the business organizations for their survival in the competitive market place (Allen & Fjermestad, 2001). E-business comprises e-commerce with the integration of product development, inventory management, finance, knowledge management, risk management, etc. (Bartels, 2000).

International Marketing Issues related to e-business: E-business plays a significant role in increasing the sales of the company by getting access over the people across the global network. These are those kinds of business that run in traditional manner with the integration of online business to target the global consumers. The international marketing strategies of e-business involves personalization, privacy and confidentiality, better customer services, utilization of digital media technology, sale promotion techniques, etc. (Krishnamurthy & Singh, 2005).

In the international marketing of e-business, the main issues are related to the security and ...

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