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Small Business: E-Commerce

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Explain and describe the following:

Purposes of marketing communications.

Stickiness of websites; define (including metrics that measure visitor's activity)
and give a specific example of a sticky website.

Three successful e-commerce value propositions

Tim Berners-Lee and his contributions to e-commerce.

Traditional business model compared and contrasted to the e-commerce model.

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Marketing communications has the purpose of informing and persuading audiences. It also helps develop valuable word of mouth communication as customers recall their experiences. Marketing communication is also used to eliminate noise and receive feedback from customers. Marketing communication also has the purpose of building credibility of the company. For example, public relations build the credibility of the brand. It also customizes information for segments of customers or specific customers whose information is available in the data base.
Stickiness of website means that the visitor explores the content of the website, returns later to look at the contents, and attracts a large number of people visit the site. The metrics used for measuring the website are average ...

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The answer to this problem explains how small businesses should approach e-commerce. The references related to the answer are also included.

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