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E-Commerce and Opportunity for Success

Do you think that e-commerce provides an environment where both small and large businesses have an equal opportunity for success? Or, do you think that there are specific advantages afforded to large or small businesses that make it unequal? Explain why you think this. Tie it to theory in the text and recently authored articles for the online library.

300 words with references.

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E-commerce provides an environment where BOTH small and large businesses have an equal opportunity for success. It has allowed firms to establish a market presence, or to enhance an already larger market position, by allowing for a cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for their products or services.

There are NO specific advantages afforded to large or small businesses. The internet affords EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. The key to success is in a business marketing strategy and website. The better the website--like Amazon.com's site is geared toward the customer experience--the more success is guaranteed.
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Research shows that, "electronic commerce is progressively and irreversibly changing the face of many businesses because of three dominant phenomena: (1) disintermediation, whereby one party to a transaction is eliminated (e.g., brokers in on-line trading); (2) re-intermediation, whereby a new electronic intermediary comes ...

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This solution of 535 words explains how E-commerce provides equal opportunity to small and large businesses. It also gives background information of E-commerce and its usage. References used are included.