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    E-Commerce for Small Business

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    Please address the following questions about e-commerce:

    - What are the components of the Internet's infrastructure?

    - Create a sample e-commerce program that is presentable to senior management. Create a sample marketing plan and how e-CRM would be incorporated into the plan.

    Discuss e-commerce strategies and how they work in an industry of your choosing.

    - Also, detail eight unique features of e-commerce and five revenue models of e-commerce.

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    //E-commerce industry has emerged with a great scope in the current scenario. It is of great significance for those people who deal with money transactions on a regular basis. There are several advantages associated with the e-commerce system. The significance and role of the key components of internet infrastructure for fast transaction of money in order to reduce the efforts of the customers has been discussed in the section below.//

    The components of the Internet's infrastructure

    The industry in which buying and selling of products take place through electronic system, such as internet or other networks related to computer is known as e-commerce. E-commerce works on the basis of mobile commerce, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management system and electronic funds transfer (Kenneth, 2011). It also involves exchange of data for facilitating transactions related to business.

    The foundation of e-commerce is the internet infrastructure, which means collection of all hardware and software systems that form important components in the internet work related to operations.

    Optical fiber

    The use of optical fiber is very common in transmission of light over large distances at higher band widths. It is considered to be an essential component in internet for transmission of information from one system to another within seconds.

    Routing equipment

    Router is regarded as routing equipment in networking processes. It is a device that connects one computer network with another (Network equipment - Router, 2013). In other words, it determines the path that a data takes between two networks.

    Domain Name System (DNS) - the task of domain name is to translate the internet domain into IP (Internet Protocol) address (DNS - Domain Name System, 2013). The names that we type in the web browser address bar are converted to IP addresses automatically by DNS.
    Email, website hosting- a website can be termed as a group of similar web pages that is served by a single ...

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