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Advantages of Internet E-Commerce

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Explain how the Internet might be an advantage in marketing as it relates to any technological product of choice.

Address the following components of e-marketing:

o Web development

Merchandise and audience size
Presentation - online customer service
Four infrastructures of e-commerce

o Online and brick-and-mortar business model comparisons

Value propositions
Online offering
Resource system.

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Web Development
Placement: Internet marketing refers to placement of media along different stages of customer engagement cycle. Companies can reach a wide range of audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. This can bring about results quickly as compared to traditional medium. Thus, the placement of marketing campaigns can generate significant returns for online marketers.
Merchandise and audience size: Internet marketing allows customers to select and examine merchandise from the convenience of their own homes. The internet also allows companies to reach to a greater size of target audiences as compared to traditional marketing. Internet marketing has also widened the target audience to middle class population. In the beginning online marketing was targeted at young people with high income level and higher education level. However, as the use of internet has reached broader audiences and this has been taken advantage of by online marketers.
Presentations and online customer service: Presentations play an important role in online marketing. Since the product is not physically available for the customer to have the look and feel, marketers need to present all possible information related with the product. This is also important as technological products like laptop are expensive purchases. Through online marketing, customers also get an online customer service for pre as well as post purchase ...

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The solution discusses the advantages of Internet e-commerce including web development, brick and mortar comparison.

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