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Explain why the Internet has become the media where most e-commerce takes place.

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Telecommunications plays a vital role in nearly all modern organizations. Internet access has become essential. Explain what the Internet is and why the Net has become the media over which most e-commerce takes place. What advantages does the Internet offer businesses?

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The 500+ word solution explains the reasons for the rapid rise in the use of telecommunications via the internet. Advantages are discussed in some detail.

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Telecommunications is the transmission of data between devices in different locations. In business, telecommunications include transmission of data of every type. All types of telecommunication became essential to business because it reduces time delays and other impacts of geographical separation.

One of the most important types of telecommunication is the Internet. The Internet can be defined in relation to its common protocols, as a physical collection routers and circuits, as a set of shared resources. It was designed to require the minimum of information from the computer clients. To send a message on the network, a computer only had to put its data in an envelope, called an Internet Protocol (IP) packet, and "address" the packets correctly. The communicating computers, not the network itself, were also ...

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