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Network of mobile e-commerce

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I need help answering the following questions. Each response should include an example and 250 words.

1. http://radar.oreilly.com is a widely recognized blog from the US media company O'Reilly Media who started the first conferences under the label Web 2.0. Go to this site and write a report of your findings.

2. Assess the following statement: "Unlimited choice creates unlimited demand."

3. Outline the value network of mobile-e-commerce and briefly explain its players.

4. Pick two support and two primary activities of the value chain and describe how wireless technologies can affect them.

5. Critically assess to what extent mobile network operators play a key role in mobile e-commerce.

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Today, there are a growing number of online social platforms where people can share and get ideas on several areas of life. O'Reilly is also a similar media space, which lets innovators post their ideas and interact with their clients. To have insight into this O'Reilly we will explore key points about it in the following discussion.

Findings from O'Reilly

O'Reilly.com is an online media place, which works as a platform to share the knowledge. It spreads the knowledge of people who are innovators and have innovative ideas to share in the field of technology. People upload their ideas and information regarding their innovations and make the best use of the site as a knowledgeable platform. The website uses books having technological contents, online services, magazines, research and tech conferences to share the knowledge with viewers (O'Reilly, 2013).

The radar section of the website uses news and commentary where one can find news on gadgets, technological trends and latest developments in software and hardware. It contains valuable inputs by Nat Torkington and Tim O'Reilly. While Nat gives his ideas on topics like how to turn art into a business, Linux panel and latest trends in programming, Tim talks about re-sharing differences between Linked in and Radar (O'Reilly, 2013). There is also a lot of information on rethink database, which is an open source for documents containing insights on technology. Just like radar, another page on the website is of the conference, which works as an open source platform to share ideas of innovators and practitioners. These experts bring their opinion to share with their clients on how to change the business processes or business models innovatively by interacting with the knowledge practitioners.

An example for the valuable inputs given on 'radar.oreilly.com' is the idea given by Nat Torkington that researchers can slip an undetectable Trojan into Intel's lvy Bridge CPUs. He says that one can predict keys generated with altered chip in these CPUs. Similarly, Tim O'Reilly shares differences between Linked in and Radar concluding that the Twitter activity generated from Radar post is more than Linkedin post (O'Reilly, 2013).

The statement 'Unlimited Choices Create Unlimited Demand' was given by Chris Anderson as a part of his Long Tail theory. The statement describes that Internet has a growing influence on the content consumption, which encourages the content developers to frame their online strategies. In this context in the following section we will talk about the mobile-e-commerce and its effect on the value chain network.

Unlimited Choices Create Unlimited Demand

The statement was first published in a book called 'The Long Tail' by Chris Anderson and an article called 'Wired' in 2006 (Anderson, ...

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Software tools that scout teh Web for stores that sell similar items at low prices are called:
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