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    not-for-profit or governmental unit

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    Choose a business, not-for-profit or governmental unit that you use regularly that currently has no mobile e-commerce functionality. Assume that you are a consultant to this organization. Provide a set of recommendations specifically describing mobile e-commerce strategies that you believe would be valued by the majority of their customers. (If desirable, approach this analysis with a customer segmentation framework that enables you to speak about customer benefit from a more targeted perspective). As in the previous analysis, make sure that you incorporate the terminology and some of the various frameworks described in your reading that help you describe and analyze your recommended suite of services. Feel free to use your own home company if desired. Also, if you would like to place this analysis within the context of B2B, feel free to use this perspective versus the B2C perspective.

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    //The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) is a government unit and is engaged in the business of agricultural produces. The company should use mobile e-commerce strategies for its customers' satisfactions and business activities. In the following paragraphs, there will be a discussion over mobile e-commerce strategies that will be used by the company for its business purposes.//

    Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) corporation does not have any kind of mobile e-commerce strategies in order to conduct its business activities on a large scale. The company should adopt mobile e-commerce strategies with business to consumers (B2C) perspective. The company is indulged in all the business activities like buying, selling, payment, receipts, price control, customer protection, etc., which means the mobile e-commerce strategies will help the company to serve its customers better (Mohapatra, 2012).

    The company should adopt three types of mobile e-commerce strategies, namely Native APP, Mobile ...

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