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    Accountability in Reporting

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    Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting: Concepts and Practices, (4th edition), by Granof

    Accountability in Reporting Memo
    Write a one-page Memo (double-spaced) to a non-financial audience in which you explain how increasing scrutiny (careful examination) and demand for accountability by the public has impacted reporting for not-for-profit and governmental entities.
    Be sure to properly cite all your sources.

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    //Before writing about the core Government and Not-for-profit accounting concepts and practices in the memorandum, we will discuss about the Governmental or Not-for-profit entities and their resource allocation practices. Since the audience is non-financial, it will be helpful for them in understanding the basic accounting and financial practices: //


    TO: Mr. X, A non-financial audience

    FROM: Mr. Y

    DATE: 14th November, 2007

    SUBJECT: Accountability in Reporting

    Governmental or not-for -profit entities have to express that they are accountable stewards of public funds. Resources have managed to distribute services that would meet the requirements of the general public in the most cost-effective way. Governmental and not-for-profit entities have a duty to be financially accountable to the ...

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