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E-Business Strategy Formulation

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What is the difference between mobile e-commerce and wired e-commerce?
What are the steps involved in the e-business strategy formulation? What strategic issues must a company address when adding clicks to bricks?

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This solution explains the difference between mobile e-commerce and wired e-commerce, what the steps involved in the e-business strategy formulation are, and what strategic issues a company must address when adding clicks to bricks.

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Difference between Mobile E-Commerce and Wired E-Commerce
Mobile e-commerce and wired e-commerce are the forms of e-commerce that is used to purchase products or service online through internet. Following are the major differences between mobile e-commerce and wired e-commerce:

Ubiquity: Mobile e-commerce has the advantages of accessing the transaction and information from any place and any time, while wired e-commerce does not have this facility as one have to rush to user's location for making any transaction (Shi, 2004).

Localization: Through mobile e-commerce, it is easy to identify the location of internet users that helps the users to receive and send information more effectively. On the other hand, the user of wired e-commerce does not get this facility.

Personalization: Individual based target information is ideal for mobile e-commerce because of single user, while under wired e-commerce, there are wide number of users, so there is no ...

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