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    To what degree should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy?

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    Careful assessment of the sources of strategic enterprise information. A short (5-7 pages, not including cover sheet and references) and to the point. It is to be structured as a point/counterpoint argument manner. Need assistance in answering the following question:

    To what degree should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy?

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    Introduction: In the current business environment, organizations are engaged to use several IT tools and applications for collecting and summarizing past and current data in concern of all organizational operations. The decision of an organization is largely based on the collected data that increases its dependency over the analysis of large databases and other IT resources (Bohlander & Snell, 2004). In this paper, argument and agreement over the organizational dependency on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy will be discussed. On the basis of such analysis, recommendation over its use will be provided.
    Agreement over the Analysis of Databases and IT Resources
    In order to formulate basic strategy, it is essential to analyze the internal capabilities of organization. By determining capability of organizational systems, processes and resources, the internal capabilities are determined effectively. The information in regard to past performance is required to analyze for formulating strategy. With the use of large database, organizations are enabled to formulate more appropriate strategies as per the efficiency of its systems, processes and resources. If an organization is required to formulate a strategy for increasing the effectiveness of operational level workers then it requires the analysis of their past performance first. Through this, managers of an organization would be enabled to set feasible goals for strategy formulation (Roney, 2004). It is because in order to formulate effective strategy, the analysis of large database is quite helpful.
    In addition, there are other IT sources such as e-mail, phone, instant messaging applications, etc. that provide means of communication to the organization. The communication system plays an important role to determine the effective strategy for any organization as it facilitates coordination between the different departments. If a marketing strategy is required to develop with the organization then the effective contribution of advertising, promotion and other manager will require at greater extent. With the help of communication tools, top executives of any company are enabled to keep a constant flow of communication with branch offices of marketing area (Williams & Curtis, 2007). It helps to collect their views as well, so that a strategy could be formulated, which determines the success of each marketing area.
    In this competitive business environment, an effective strategy could only be determined with the analysis of competitors' position. It is determined with the help of databases that contains information related to competitors' profit, market shares, sales etc. The analysis of such information is quite helpful to determine about how an organization could use its resources effectively. With the analysis of competitors' databases, an organization is enabled to formulate competent strategy for its operational and tactical levels (Webster, 2011).
    There are several organizations such as Dell, Wal-Mart, etc. that create effective supply chain strategy with the use of IT technologies. With the use of communication tools, Dell enables to create constant flow of information between the suppliers and consumers. ...

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    The expert determines what degrees should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy.