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Information networks as "enterprise glue": information mobilization and deployment

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"To what degree should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy?"

The core of the case for this module involves your careful assessment of the sources of strategic enterprise information. But before you're ready to tackle it, you need to get somewhat up to speed on the underlying issues and dynamics.

Now, one of the hottest trends in current enterprise information systems is what's often referred to as "big data" -- that is, giant databases of stuff gathered from customers (e.g., all the information about your supermarket purchases automatically entered each time you swipe your Von's or Safeway card through the checkout to get all those cool discounts), websurfing, suppliers, internal monitoring, etc. Big Data was first enabled through the enormous increases in the availability of low-cost data storage (down to $30 per terabyte at Fry's Electronics, as of today's paper), but it took the development of good data analytic tools to really spark the trend. Here are two interesting summaries of issues involved in Big Data at the moment:

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In today's knowledge based world, it has become increasingly important for organizations to develop knowledge based culture and strategically use data and information to obtain strategic and competitive advantage. The dependence on large databases, IT resources and "big data" for obtaining market intelligence and develop strong understanding about consumer's behavior, market dynamics and competitive scenario has significantly increased in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. The dependence on such large volume of data has resulted in improved and informed decision ...

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Information Networks as "Enterprise Glue": Information Mobilization and Deployment


(1) Recently Apple's then - CEO Steven Jobs (namedrop: his daughter and my daughter were BFF's in middle school 20-some years ago) announced the coming of iCloud - their new online sharing service. Initially it seems to be targeted at music, but the implication is that they are seeking to implement the first real personal cloud, where you can store all your personal stuff and access it anywhere through any one of several different "information aplliances".

So - what do you think of this? Are you ready to commit your stuff to the cloud? Are you really aware of how much of you is already committed to the cloud? [HINT: I wasn't myself, until I started thinking about it systematically.] What about this as a social trend? An organizational trend? Your thoughts, and even more so, your thoughts about your colleagues thoughts, are welcomed. When enough of you have leaped in here, I'll share some of my thoughts on this (bet you can't wait...)

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