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    This Management of IS/IT Update Presentation could be on a current company, product or trend dealing with the integration of technology into business/professional/ personal culture. It could also focus on a website, new IT infrastructure hardware or a publication that has special appeal to you because of business/professional/personal technological value. It could be a spreadsheet or database application that you are using or have used in your business/personal experience.
    Use the following general outline to structure your in-class presentation. Because some of you prefer more information I have included grading details in a grid below.
    1. BRIEF BACKGROUND TO THE TOPIC: Identify the Management of IS/IT Update topic you will present and discuss. What is its history? Why is this IT topic important? How does it related to the course?
    2. IS/IT-RELATED CONTENT: What are the current trends and what are the technical aspects relevant to your topic? You will need to include a discussion on any IT infrastructure required to utilize any topic you chose. How will this information impact us as we use IS/IT? Here, you can explain management and technical aspects about your IS/IT topic.
    3. MANAGEMENT ACTION: Consider the topic you are presenting as if you were managing a team of people who would use this company/product/trend. What course of action needs to be adopted for this technical change or update? How could this company/product/trend impact their work and how might you implement new information about it?

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    Management Of IS/IT Updates Presentation: Enterprise Content Management


    Information technology management is a situation whereby all the technological resources of an organization are managed depending on their priority level and needs requirement. The various resources in context include computer, software, hardware, data, network organizational staff members, and the data central facilities. The various management activities within this context include the basic managerial function such as organizing, staffing, controlling, budgeting, network planning, software design and change management among other aspects.

    The update topic of 'Enterprise Content Management' has proven to be an area of interest for various organizations such as IBM (Riley, 2012) which is still looking for ways of managing unstructured content's explosion. Ever since it was discovered, it has continued to attract organization's interest in different ways. This topic is considered important since there are three major aspects which an enterprise would hope to find from an ECM such as: enhancing the act of finding content and making it more actionable, risk related content mitigation and enhancing the efforts of compliance, and ensuring that the available content is made available to the external constituencies such as the organization's partners and customers. The topic is related to the course in that, an ...

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