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Information Networks as "Enterprise Glue": Information Mobilization and Deployment

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(1) Recently Apple's then - CEO Steven Jobs (namedrop: his daughter and my daughter were BFF's in middle school 20-some years ago) announced the coming of iCloud - their new online sharing service. Initially it seems to be targeted at music, but the implication is that they are seeking to implement the first real personal cloud, where you can store all your personal stuff and access it anywhere through any one of several different "information aplliances".

So - what do you think of this? Are you ready to commit your stuff to the cloud? Are you really aware of how much of you is already committed to the cloud? [HINT: I wasn't myself, until I started thinking about it systematically.] What about this as a social trend? An organizational trend? Your thoughts, and even more so, your thoughts about your colleagues thoughts, are welcomed. When enough of you have leaped in here, I'll share some of my thoughts on this (bet you can't wait...)

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So - what do you think of this? Are you ready to commit your stuff to the cloud?

Apple really isn't really the first company to make use of the cloud invention. Amazon has been using their version of the Cloud reader for a while, now. I can download an electronic book onto my Amazon Kindle. I can also read that same book through my Amazon cloud reader on my computer at home, my computer at work, my iPad, or my iPhone. ...