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    System and Structure Analysis

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    Security Guard on Fort Campbell

    1. Introduction & Background- Write an overview of the organization including the types of services and/or goods produced and the industry in which it operates. Give a brief history of the organization, where it is located, when the organization was founded and major events in its history. Remember that any information you retrieve from an outside source, whether paper or electronic, must be cited in APA format.

    2. Trends in the Industry- Discuss the industry in which the organization operates. Include significant recent trends in the industry or environmental factors that have affected your organization (such as higher fuel prices for a trucking firm). Potential factors include government regulation, new competitors, substitute products or new technologies.

    3. Structure- Provide a narrative of the departmental structure based on the structure analysis you completed earlier in the course. Discuss the interconnectedness of the department with other departments in the organization. Remember to cite the sources of any charts you acquired from other sources.

    4. System of Operations- Mission Statement
    Present and discuss the mission statement of the organization in a narrative. You should quote the mission statement and cite the source in APA format. This section should expand on the statement to include discussion of why the organization chose this as its mission and if the majority of employees know and believe in the organizational mission.

    Goals & Objectives
    Provide a narrative of the major goals of your organization as well as the specific objectives of your department. This should include discussion of how these goals and objectives help the organization achieve its mission and an overall assessment of the clarity and effectiveness of such goals and objectives.

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    Introduction & Background
    Fort Campbell is a recognized United States Army installation situated on the TN/KY state line. It was founded in 1941, with the selection of site. Its origin goes back to the Army mobilization for World War II. In late 1930s, it became evident to Army planners that there was a very severe possibility of expanding, and due to this they started undertaking surveys to identify specific sites for mobilization and training camps. One such probable site was distinguished between Hopkinsville, Ky., and Clarksville, Tenn. Army devisers sensed the site would offer sufficient place and infrastructure to construct a camp for supporting the training of various soldiers, which in present is known as Fort Campbell (Fort Campbell History, 2012).

    With its 106,700 acre installation possesses, the company has an exclusive ability to organize mission-ready contingency forces by rail, air, highway, and inside waterway. It is known as the only Air Assault Division in the world, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). The company also operates two impressive Special Operations Command units known as the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) (Fort Campbell Units, 2012).

    As well, it is also a home of the 86th Combat Support Hospital, the 716th MP Battalion, and sizable Medical and Dental activities. It also offers training and assemblage support for plentiful Army National Guard and Army Reserve units. It is an Army installation that affirms active and reserve component units, Army Families, Army citizens, retirees and ex-servicemen (Fort Campbell Home, 2012). It successfully operates in Army Installation industry as a world class Army Home. As a home to the Army's most-deployed eventuality forces, the company incessantly process its efforts to affirm military forces by allowing for useful, well-organized and sustainable services that are able to improve Fort Campbell community well-being.

    The company provides services in different areas like ACAP, emergency services, Fort Campbell MWR Services, retirement, medical, legal services, recreation, Shopping.aspx, Transition Center etc. The company has always changed its approaches as per ongoing trend and remain a leader in the development of innovative and positive methods to deal with the challenges' and the needs of its customers (Services, 2012). At the time of implementing change, it always takes care of inheritance, traditions, and civilization significant to Fort Campbell, the Army, and the communities residing nearby (Fort Campbell Home, 2012). U.S. Army soldiers attributed to Fort Campbell can significantly ensure to have one of the uppermost quality of life values in the Army. Fort Campbell also serves soldiers with new housing, quality medical care, flourishing communities, leisure and schools etc.

    Trends in the Industry
    Fort Campbell ...

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