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Organization Standards of Software Development

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Discuss how standards may be used to capture organizational wisdom about effective methods of software development. Suggest several types of knowledge that might be captured in organizational standards.

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For developing software at industry level the first step is Requirement gathering and analyses, the output of this stage are SRS. In next step design which is then followed by coding and testing, final testing is done at the client side before accepting our project. Here is the detail about each standards and method used for the software development.

SRS (software requirement specification):
SRS document is a contract between the development team and the customer.
Once the SRS document is approved by the customer, any subsequent controversies are settled by referring the SRS document.

Purpose of SRS:
- Communication between the Customer, Analyst, system developers, maintainers.
- Contract between Purchaser and Supplier.
- Firm foundation for the design phase.
- Support system testing activities.
- Support project management and control.
- Controlling the evolution of the system.

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) defines the customer's requirements in terms of:
- Function
- Performance
- External interfaces
- Design constraints

The SRS is the basis of contract between the purchaser and supplier.

Benefits of SRS:
- Forces the users to consider their specific requirements carefully
- Enhances communication between the Purchaser and System developers
- Provides a firm foundation for the system design phase
- Enables planning of validation, verification, and acceptance procedures
- Enables project planning eg. Estimates of cost and time, resource scheduling
- Usable during maintenance phase.

SRS Standards:
- ANSI/IEEE SRS Standard 830-1984
- BS 6719: 1986
- European Space Agency Standards (ESA PSS-05-0, Jan 1987)
- US DoD-Std-7935A.

Now let us see something on Design phase.

Design Model:
1. Data Design
2. ...

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The effectiveness of organizational standards of software development are discussed.

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