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Project Scope, Time, Cost, and Quality

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Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is used in software development. Need a project management maturity model based on CMM. The model must have five levels corresponding to the five CMM levels. This project management maturity model is intended to improve IT project management processes and systems.

For each level in your model, desribe how toidentify the maturity level and what steps are necessary to move to the next level. For each level, specify requirements for relevant quality standards and quality management.

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Levels Used in CMM:
i. Level 1 - Initial
ii. Level 2 - Repeatable
iii. Level 3 - Defined
iv. Level 4 - Managed
v. Level 5 - Optimizing

Level 1: The initial level have some successes, but it also have some failures and badly missed deadlines.

- Each time the team tackles projects in different way
- It can have some successes, but may not repeat
- Some time/cost estimates are exact, many far off
- Success comes from neat people doing the right things
- Hard to recover from excellent people leaving
- Regular crises and ...

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Project scope, time, cost, and quality for Capability Maturity Model are used in software development. For each level of the model, the expert describes how toidentify maturity level and the steps necessary to move to the next level are determined.

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