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    "As we begin to learn about software development leadership, we MUST understand how technology has changed and where we think it might go in the future. Information Technology no longer is a "competitive advantage" for an organization. It is the "cost of doing business." In most markets, IT is the cost of entry.

    Given that, for your response to this Discussion Thread, please explain some of the recent changes we have seen with regards to Information Technology. Please address the following questions:

    * What are some of the recent changes to technology that have impacted organizations?
    * How has this technology impacted the development of new software? Even if the technology change is hardware related, software development can be impacted."

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    There have been a lot of changes in the technology that changed the landscape of business and made a huge impact on building organizations. One is the overall improvement of hardware. Year after year computers have become more powerful in terms of performance. Faster processor speed and ...

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