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    Difference between object-oriented programming and procedural

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    Describe the difference between object-oriented programming and procedural (or structural or processual) programming. What, if anything, does the OO model bring to the table and improve upon what was out there pre-OO? How does Java endeavor to represent the OO paradigm? Is OO programming a step forward or a step back in your opinion? Why or why not?

    Use references and examples to support your position.

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    Starting programming with starts at a high level of abstraction, typically using a pure functional language, which can help enforce object orineted concepts, for large software and data sharing. But the concepts are quite difficlut to understand from the beginning. Pascal is a procedural language which is easy to learn with easy concepts. However, it lacks the powerful features of Java, like encapsulation, object orientation, etc. Programming languages are really just vehicles to supply abstractions to programmers. People think of programming languages as being good or bad for a given purpose. New programming languages can come about only when there is an independent revolution that justifies the waste of the legacy, such as Unix which gave rise to C, or the Web which gave rise to Java. Therefore, as long as there is no major paradigm shift in software, a single programming for all domains is quite feasible.

    Object Oriented Programming is a high level language method of programming involving giving programming objects characteristics that can be transferred to, added to, and combined with other objects to make a complete program. ...

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    Difference between object-oriented programming and procedural is noted.