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    Structural Unit Testing and Object Oriented Unit Testing

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    What is the essential difference between structural software unit testing and OO software unit testing?

    I need around 700-850 words with original thoughts with Harvard referencing please.

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    To understand the differences it is necessary to understand the differences between the types of programming. Structural software can be thought of as reasonably linear in nature, although it is possible to branch back to something earlier in the code. This makes it easy to see what the inputs would be and what the expected outputs should be. In the case of a subroutine the same idea applies.

    Object Orientated Programming is different in that it uses objects that have very different characteristics to structural software.

    "Testing of object-oriented software is fundamentally different from the testing of non-object-oriented software. This is due primarily to such factors as:

    Information hiding: Objects are "black boxes." Specifically, although one can effect a change of state in an object, one cannot directly view this state change, i.e., all knowledge of an object's state is provided via a well-defined interface.

    Encapsulation: Objects encapsulate such things as state information, exceptions, and operations. This has a definite impact on our traditional notions of "integration testing."

    Inheritance: Objects may acquire (inherit) characteristics from other objects. Features ...

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    This solution explains in brief the differences between structural software unit testing methodology and object oriented software unit testing.