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Types of software testing

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Select three or more types of testing (1; Unit testing or Module Testing) (2; Integration Testing) (3; Acceptance Testing) and illustrate each with an example. Write your discussion as if you are the systems analyst briefing your CIO as the two of you are walking over to the steering committee meeting in which a "go/no go" decision will be made whether to go live with your new enterprise system (this could be your ERP, HR/Finance, manufacturing, or any other enterprise-level system). You need to remind your CIO of all the relevant test activities throughout the SDLC of this project to gain the CIO's support for your recommendation.

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Unit Testing
A unit test is a procedure used to validate that a particular module of source code is working properly. The procedure is to write test cases for all functions and methods so that whenever a change causes a regression, it can be quickly identified and fixed. Ideally, each test case is separate from the others; constructs such as mock objects can assist in separating unit tests. This type of testing is mostly done by the developers.

For instance, in HR/Finance system, HR and Finance are two major design items (i.e. assemblages, ...

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