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Systems Analysis and Design Concepts

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1. Describe three approaches to organizing programming teams. For what types of projects or development activities is each approach best suited?

2. How does implementing a maintenance change differ from a new system development project?

3. List and briefly describe implementation phase QA activities other than software testing. What is the effect on software testing of not performing non-testing QA activities?

4. Briefly describe direct, parallel, and phased installation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each installation approach?

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1. Describe three approaches to organizing programming teams. For what types of projects or development activities is each approach best suited?

One approach would be a cooperating peer team which consists of members of similar skills and experience along with extending specialties. The cooperating peer team is best suited for projects that include experimentation and creative problem solving.

A second approach is the chief developer team which has a single leader that is responsible for all of the important decisions. The chief developer team is best suited for projects with objectives that have been sufficiently defined along with a concise path of completion.

The third approach is the collaborative specialist team that includes team members with a vast set of skills and experience along with less extensive overlapping. The collaborative specialist team is best suited for ...

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This MS Word Document answers four questions surrounding the following IT areas; approaches to organizing programming teams, comparing a maintenance change to a new system development project, discussing the implementation phase QA (Quality Assurance) activities and describing some of different system installation approaches.

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