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    Program Execution

    Program execution has nothing to do with cancellation or termination. All programs are essentially sets of instructions for a computer to carry out, and that act of carrying them out is known as execution. Each instruction may cause a number of actions to be taken by the processing machine, with effects that can affect any number of components of that computer, depending on how the instructions were written. The systems that do the executing for a machine are known as interpreters as they read the code in and follow its instructions. A human typing commands into a terminal is an example of an interpreter in action, interfacing between the human input and the processor, but programs may also execute in batch processes without any human interaction necessary. Interpreters can be held in contrast to compilers which perform a translation of the code a programmer writes into a more low-level language that can be directly executed by a processor much more simply and quickly than the original high-level sourcecode. The file produced by a compiler this way is often called the executable.

    The compiling process to get an executable for 3 common OSes from a program written in Java.  Image credit Loboh.

    As only a few types of programs are executable on a bare machine, most programs are designed with assumptions, both implicit and explicit, about the resources available for execution. The presence of an operating system is almost always a safe bet, and most programs do rely on the support of such a system at the very least. Run-time libraries specific to the language the program is written in are another thing programs tend to rely on access to which are not supplied by the computer from factory settings.

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    Election Algorithm

    Derive an election algorithm for bidirectional rings that is more efficient than the ring algorithm: The ring algorithm assumes that the links are unidirectional and that each process sends its message to the neighbor on the right. The main data structure used by the algorithm is the active list, a list that contains the prio

    Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

    What are the fundamental stages of an enterprise system life cycle? How is this different from a traditional software development life cycle (SDLC)? How can you define and distinguish between ERP configuration and customization? Why is this important to the success of the implementation project? What makes project/program

    SDLC methodology.

    Describe the importance of documentation under an systems development life cycle (SDLC) methodology.

    Organizational Operational Model

    Research a specific organization to identify their foundation for execution, and post your results, including, for example, the operating model(s) for the organization, the extent to which the organization has defined and digitized its foundation for execution, and how effective the EA is in furthering organizational goals. Comm

    IT Project Failures

    What are the major reasons for IT project failures? Are they because of problems with project management life cycle, product development life cycle, project manager incompetence, poor execution, or something else? Why do you believe some projects do not meet their objective or scope?

    Capabilities of Excel

    What are some capabilities of Microsoft Excel and how might you use them in a professional capacity? In what ways have smart phones that incorporate wireless technologies changed the business landscape?

    Systems Analysis and Design Concepts

    1. Describe three approaches to organizing programming teams. For what types of projects or development activities is each approach best suited? 2. How does implementing a maintenance change differ from a new system development project? 3. List and briefly describe implementation phase QA activities other than software tes

    C program to read strings from a file and uppercase them

    I need some guidance writing a program in C code that reads a lowercase string of characters from a text file named "data.txt", then duplicates the string in uppercase characters and displays both, the original lowercase and uppercase strings.

    Speed of execution of application programs

    As computer word size gets larger and larger, there is a law of diminishing returns: the speed of execution of application programs does not increase and may, in fact, decrease. Explain why this can occur?

    Can scope creep be good for a project?

    There is a school of thought that argues that, far from being undesirable, some degree of scope creep may in fact be beneficial for certain types of projects e.g. it encourages stakeholder engagement, indicates responsiveness, and shows that objectives and WBS tasks are being regularly re-evaluated and re-aligned. The only cavea

    Strategic Role of Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

    Please help me with an assignment by answering the following: Does EPM actually significantly change the way individual projects are managed, or does it just simply affect how they are selected and prioritized by management, at a strategic level?

    Under-Utilized or Misused Applications

    Companies sometimes purchase expensive applications, and then under-utilize or misuse these. In a sense, the economic downturn has been beneficial, as many companies are beginning to more regularly scrutinize the programs they are investing in, to confirm they are purchased for the right reasons, and used more effectively. Ha

    Word Processing Software

    Please help me with the following case study: Boardman Management Group manages the Baderman Island resort. They are considering whether to upgrade the word processing software currently in use at the resort or to purchase a new word processing software application. Boardman plans to hire Smith Systems Consulting to help them

    Algorithms to Print the Daily Salary of a Worker

    Develop two algorithms (one iterative and one recursive) to print the daily salary of a worker who, each day, is paid twice the previous day's salary (starting with one penny for the first day's work) for a 30 day period. What problems are you likely to encounter if you implement your solutions on an actual machine?

    Some organizations feel that IT planning is a waste of time.

    Some organizations feel that IT planning is a waste of time because the competitive environment and technologies change too rapidly. They argue that their plans will be obsolete before they are completed. Briefly discuss/explain why you agree or disagree with this.

    Processor Design: Evaluate Performance Improvement Options

    Processor X has a clock speed of 2Ghz and takes 1 cycle for integer operations, 2 cycles for memory operations, and 4 cycles for floating point operations. Empirical data shows that programs run on Processor X are typically composed of 35% floating point operations, 30% memory operations, and 35% integer operations. You are d

    Function Trace

    Trace the function f() and indicate its action on the list object alist. template <typename T> void f(list<T>& alist, list<T>::iterator iter) { if(iter != alist.end()) { alist.push_front(*iter); alist.erase(iter++); f(alist.iter); } }

    Inter-process communication: Pipe between parent and child

    Write a program "oneway" which implements a one-way communication between a parent process and it's child using a pipe. The parent takes a message (from the command line), sends it to the child (through the pipe), and the child displays the message. The program has just one argument on the command line (the message). An

    Examples of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits

    You answered a previous posting today (attached answer). I was wondering if you could please help me again with a couple of questions. Is the DNS modification taking place on the user's system or actually on a DNS server? Do you know of any other 'modifications' it makes?

    Examples of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits to networks

    Research a current computer threat. Describe the nature of the threat and the potential repercussions it could have for a network. Some suggested sites with which to begin your search are: http://www.symantec.com/home_homeoffice/index.jsp http://www.mcafee.com/us/ http://www.microsoft.com http://www.cnet.com

    Controling Flow

    Using the Internet and other resources, define and study "control flow" in programming. How would you use control flow in computer programming to solve problems? Give an example of how you would use control flow to track membership dues in a small organization.