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Problems in IT development

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What are the major reasons for IT project failures? Are they because of problems with project management life cycle, product development life cycle, project manager incompetence, poor execution, or something else?
Why do you believe some projects do not meet their objective or scope?

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Project failures occur for a number of reasons. It is generally believed that the study of analysis and design was not put into place until the 1970's. There were some business models and analysis before then, but it was in an economy of diminishing returns. IT solutions is the opposite, because it is an area where customers are gained and products are licensed and developed for continual use. The biggest problem is that each person who works on ...

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People have different understandings of what the project is, what is needed, what other people roles are and what their role is. The biggest problem is that each person who works on the project is a specialist in a very refined, detailed area and has little understanding of all the other parts that are in consideration. We will consider the pitfalls and how best to avoid common problems.

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A. Describe the situation, including the opportunities and challenges.
b. Define the problem.
c. Describe the desired future state and goals against which to evaluate alternatives.
d. Identify two to four potential solutions. At what level in the organization do these solutions address the problem? Do you need to consider other levels in the organization as well?
e. Assess the alternative solutions.
f. Complete a risk assessment.
g. Present the recommended solution and the rationale behind the recommendation.
h. Identify the expected impact and value.
i. Provide a summary of how you would approach implementing the recommended solution and measuring its effectiveness.
Be sure to incorporate key concepts from your readings where appropriate.

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